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Resources for Teachers and Caregivers

Reading Ready


Reading Ready, a word reading curriculum for educators and manual for parents/caregivers, is now available. Be sure to check out the website. 

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Coming this fall!

Phonemic Awareness

Explicit and highly engaging activities to support Phonemic Awareness. Please click the pictures or buttons to access the resources.

Developed by Tory Moulder

Developed by Annabelle Baylin

Developed by Brooke Diviak 

High Frequency Word Activities

High Frequency Word List in Excel spreadsheet format featuring 400+ words

Analysis conducted with Devin Kearns Ph.D

Activity Mat for Grapheme-Phoneme Mapping

Developed by Gregory B. Rubin

For more information on explicit mapping instruction see Grace, K. (2006). Phonics and Spelling through Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping. Sopris West.

Developed by Josh Barocas, Anna Fischer, & Briana Nieto-Buie

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