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BC Early Literacy Lab

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Josh Barocas

Lower School & Kindergarten Learning Specialist at Saint Ann’s School

Josh helps students acquire early literacy skills, and supports teachers in doing the same. He is currently working on a paper with Professor Miles examining the content of word walls in Kindergarten classrooms. He spends his free time playing guitar, taking his son hiking, and reading about reading.

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Annabelle Baylin

PreK Teacher at Park Avenue Methodist Day School

Annabelle is interested in supporting young children to develop strong foundational literacy skills through engaging, active, and developmentally appropriate games and activities. Annabelle is working on publishing her research on a kinesthetic phonemic awareness intervention for PreK, as well as a manual with a guide to all of the games.  

When Annabelle is not teaching, she is studying Hindustani classical voice and photographing her Bengal cats.

Extra: Fifteen Fun Phonemic Awareness Lessons (PDF)

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Brooke Diviak

Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT) at Park Avenue Methodist Day School 

Brooke is interested in supporting young children to develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in reading. Brooke designed a board game focused on phonemic awareness and encouraging children to break apart all of the sounds they hear in a word. 
Brooke enjoys reading psychology and philosophy and taking walks around New York City.

Board Game Resources: Card Set (PDF) & Playing Board (PDF)

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Anna Fischer

2nd Grade Special Education Teacher at PS 770: The New American Academy

Anna is interested in finding innovative ways to help struggling readers push through challenges and find joy in reading. When not teaching, Anna can be found at the pottery studio, taking long walks with her dog, and well...reading!

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Janet Mendez

Educational Director/ Pre-k Teacher 

Baybee Lounge Daycare, Brooklyn N.Y.

Janet is interested in finding new and innovative ways to keep preschoolers engaged in early literacy. Her primary focus is developing games to support letter name and letter sound recognition. 
When Janet is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and binge-watching FRIENDS. She is currently helping her 9-year-old run her own business.

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Tory Moulder

Universal Pre-K/3-K Teacher

Tory previously worked at Nat Azarow Children’s Center, a Universal Pre-K/3-K center in Brooklyn, and is very excited about diving into the world of early literacy research. She is particularly interested in how to integrate speech-language pathology into early reading instruction. She is currently working on a manual for teachers on how to use articulation pictures with pre-k students. Tory loves reading, running, playing drums, and most of all spending time with her husband and children. 

Extra: Infographic on Articulatory Pictures - Extended (PDF)


Gregory B. Rubin

1st Grade General Education Teacher at P.S. 130 The Parkside School

Gregory is interested in developmentally appropriate literacy instruction that empowers children to crack the code of written language. Gregory co-authored Rethinking Sight Words, for which he led an intervention which is now being used by educators across the country. When not teaching, he can be found taking photographs and cooking fish.

Extra: Jamboard for Double Decker Elkonin Boxes: Regular and Irregular Words. (Google Jamboard)

For more information on explicit mapping instruction see Grace, K. (2006). Phonics and Spelling through Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping. Sopris West.

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